Myofascial Release

  • 30 minute treatment £20
  • 60 minute treatment £35
Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is used for the effective treatment and rehabilitation of fascial and soft tissue tension. Fascia surrounds and protects every tissue, tendon, bone, muscle, ligament and organ of the body and, if healthy, cushions and supports allowing us to move safely without pain or restriction. Any physical and emotional trauma or poor posture will scar the fascia and cause it to harden which results in the loss of its cushioning protection and pulls the fascia out of alignment. This scarring can crush nerves as well as blood and lymphatic vessels and create tension on adjacent pain-sensitive structures such as muscles. These restrictions will not show up on scans or X-Rays so many people suffer from unresolved physical and emotional pain due to undiagnosed fascial trauma.

Myofascial release therapy is performed with slow, stretching strokes and is very different to the technique used during massage. Precise timing and just the right amount of pressure is used to move through every fascial restriction to change the dense, thick or hardened texture to a more glue like, elongated state.

This treatment is ideal for anyone in pain or finding they are not functioning properly and especially for those who prefer a gentler yet highly effective treatment. I use the technique at the start of all massage treatments but Myofascial release can be taken on its own to treat a few areas or the whole body.